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We all have different ideas of what family means to us, whether it's our parents, our siblings, or our crew. For Average, family is our network of creative partners around the world. Meet them:


Jen Wang & Gerald Ding (and Bob)

Besides being 2 of our favourite people ever, Jen Wang & Gerald Ding are a creative powerhouse couple. Jen was born in Taipei and grew up in Vancouver, which is where we first met. She now lives in NYC and is the driving force behind Ming Yu Wang. A jewelry line she started after studying Fashion Design at FIT. Obviously we're biased but in our opinion, MYW is one of the most stunning jewelry brands ever! You can see her goods in countless magazines from Vogue to Interview and on a wide array of celebrity clients. Inspired by classic Sci-Fi Films, architecture, and nature - her pieces are pure joy to own. 

Gerald was born in Richmond BC and also grew up in Vancouver. He started off his career in 3D animation but transitioned into directing and has been working in that field ever since. His latest spot was for Air BnB with Korean sensation G-Dragon. It doesn't stop there, Gerald has worked with the likes of Nike, Apple, Coca Cola, Samsung, McDonalds - you know, the big boys. We asked Gerald what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said "Not fat and not Chinese but then I changed my mind in grade 4". 

These guys are some of the best people you could meet and we're lucky to call them family. With their faithful sidekick Bob, these two are unstoppable.

Check them out at:  @ming_yu_wang


Rhek is a man of many hats. Born in US, he grew up in Nova Scotia and now lives and works in Vancouver - he has his hands on many projects. When we first met Rhek, his natural, friendly vibe was infectious.

If you look at his body of work, you'll see a dude who can’t stay in one lane, and that’s a great thing. With work ranging from graphic design, apparel, branding, typography and illustration - you can tell he’s comfortable in any medium. You can see his designs and art for Vice, Red Bull and Sunday’s Grocery - just to name a handful of past collaborators.
We’re big fans of his Janky Town series. These folk style cartoon portraits of Rap and Pop icons are both funny and beautiful drawings.
We’re stoked to have him down for our brand. Check out Rhek's work at:


Lindsey Gazel

Born and raised in Toronto, she's the artist behind Lindsey Bakes. We first met Lindsey when she was commissioned to make Drake cookies for a 6 year old's birthday party. She was as sweet as her cookies and we're happy to call her a friend ever since. For the past 7 years LB has been drawing inspiration from friends, art, magazines, memes, designers, New Yorker cartoons...the pop culture list is endless. How many bakers can claim their work has been featured on This girl can! You can now find her at her new permanent space, Sam James -The Park location. 

Check out her out at: or  @lindseygazel

Annie Lee & Brian Siswojo

Annie Lee, born in Seoul Korea, raised in Vancouver and living in Hong Kong, she is the epitome of a multi-tasking mamma. Annie is the Creative Director of Mata Hari Handbags Co.Ltd, Den mom at  8FIVE2, co-founder of Know1edge Clothing Company and Sk85ive2- she's basically awesome. Her bags are distinctively HK - bold, unique, unapologetic and with a recent collaboration with Stussyshe's cemented herself as a staple amongst local and international celebrities alike. Mata Hari has countless features in magazines such as Milk, Elle and Nylon. Together with her husband Brian, they have a fun loving and hilarious daughter, Tayla. 

Brian Siswojo is originally from Jakarta Indonesia but has called Hong Kong home for a while now. Brian cannot sit still. Besides being daddy to Tayla, he's the Brand Manager & Creative Director for Edwin Watch Company, Co-Founder of 8FIVE2SHOP, Sk85ive2 and Know1edge Clothing Company. He's also a member of the HK Hip Hop group 24HERBS. 8FIVE2SHOP has been around since 1999 and has been from day one, an authentic streetwear/skateboard shop offering underground and international labels under one roof. Sk85ive2 is a collaboration between Vans and 8FIVE2SHOP to bring an indoor skate park to HK. 

Annie and Brian are insanely talented, super ambitious and equally charming. Tayla is a sweet combination of both her parents.

Check them out at: @matahari_bags & & @8Five2shop                               

May Chow

May Chow, born in Canada, spent most of her early years in Hong Kong. After high school she left for the States to work and study eventually returning to Hong Kong in 2008. May says that growing up she always wanted to be a business person like her dad, but after high school her focus became food. And damn this girl can cook! After time at Bo Innovations and Yardbird, she opened up her own restaurant, Little Bao. May's restaurant is a must visit if you're ever in HK and worth the line up (and yes, you WILL line up). Known as much for her quirky style as her delicious Bao's, this former fashion consultant supports and inspires local artists. You'll be seeing even more of May with some new and exciting projects in the works!! Bangkok anyone??

Check her out at  (@littlebaomay)